Bathinda economy has been on the rise since its formation as an independent district. The pace of economic growth in Bathinda is accelerated by setting up of various types of industries especially power plants, chemical factories, yarn production, milk factories etc. Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Power Plant nad Guru Hargobind Thermal Power plant has not only resolve the power problem of the region but has been able to pave a smooth path for the entrepreneurs to setup new industries and businesses in Bathinda because the district has become self-sufficient in thermal power production.

Fertilizers industry in Bathinda has helped the region in growing up varieties of crops successfully and thereby encouraged horticulture and food product business one of the prime business areas of Bathinda. A unit of Grasim Industries Ltd. has been successfully producing good quality cement and is under the flagship of Birla Plus Cement meeting the needs of developers and builders all across India.