NextGen DISE Instructions and User Manual for Polling Staff data entry

Important Note

NextGen DISE software

NextGen DISE is web based application which will be used during the Lok Sabha Election 2024 for data entry of Polling staff.   User ID , Password are required to login into this website. Data Entry of polling staff will be done on this website using User ID , Password provided to them.

Download Latest DISE Capsule software and instructions  from below mentioned Links.

1. Nextgen DISE Software Data entry and Data Submission instructions (PDF 340 KB)

2. User Manual Departments other than school Education (PDF 3815 KB)

3. USER Manual for Education Secondary and Elementary (PDF 3646 KB)

4. Pay Scale Master (PDF 78 KB)

5. Designation Master  (PDF 170 KB)


It should be regarded as the highest priority and completed in a time bound manner.

 Keep Checking the website for regular updates.